Emerald Lux Free TrialEmerald Lux is absolute one of the best electronic cigarettes available on the market for a couple of simple reasons, first of all it looks like a real cigarette, second it is able to provide you with an exact smoking experience, third it actually taste like a real cigarette and finally it is delivered by an American Company that guarantees that this electronic cigarette comes with the latest technology that is safe for you to use.

The company behind are so confident in that you are going to like Emerald Lux electronic cigarette that they for a limited period of time are offering you a trial of their complete electronic cigarette starter kit that contain everything you need to become a successful e cigarette smoker.

To learn more about this unique and special offer and to claim your trial package all you need to do is to click on the link below.

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All the Benefits Using Electronic Cigarettes Like Emerald Lux

When you make the final decision and decide to drop the cigarettes and get started with electronic cigarettes you will get quite a few benefits that are not only related to quite a lot of money that you will save but also are related to your health that will start to improve from the moment you begin vaping instead of smoking.

Here are some of the major benefits you will get:

  • Start to improve your overall health right away when you start using Emerald Lux
  • Be able to save more than $1000 per year per package you smoke per day
  • Get rid of all the bad smells and odors
  • No longer have yellow nicotine fingers and teeth
  • Get rid of all the tar and ashes
  • Reduce the risk of getting coronary heart diseases
  • Reduce the risk of getting lung or other cancer diseases
  • Be able to smoke in public places
  • Be able to smoke among friends and family without generating any second hand smoke
  • Be able to smoke indoor, no one will notice
  • Get your daily nicotine fix without getting the 4,000 harm full additives
  • Get a trial that comes as a complete e cig starter kit, the perfect try and feel opportunity
  • Warranty when you decide that Emerald Lux is your preferred brand
  • Get a starter kit that is the most comprehensive starter kit available on the net

Emerald Lux E Cig

>>> Click Here to Learn More and to Claim Your Trial <<<

What Makes Emerald Lux the Best Choice When it Comes to Electronic Cigarettes

Emerald Lux is NOT one of these cheap imitations made of plastic in the far east that will break after using it for a couple of days. Emerald Lux is a quality brand that ensures you that you will get an electronic cigarette that comes with the latest technology that will provide you with a full and complete vaping experience just as if you were smoking a real cigarette.

If you want to become successful with electronic cigarettes it is important that the electronic cigarette you choose are as close to the real cigarette as possible, not only how it looks but also how it feels to inhale and taste.

This is why Emerald Lux is the best choice when it comes to electronic cigarettes, because not other electronic cigarette on the market is as close to the real thing as Emerald Lux, the only thing that is different is that you need to get use to say “vapering” electronic cigarettes instead of “smoking” cigarettes.

The E Cigarette Must Look Like a Real Cigarette

Because we are controlled by habits it is important that you choose an e cigarette brand that looks like a real cigarette because it will make you stick to electronic cigarettes much better than if you choose a brand that comes as a pink of blue holster that does not look like a cigarette at all and you will not get the complete smoking experience.

Smoking cigarettes is not only a question about getting your daily nicotine fix, all the habits that comes a long like how the cigarette looks plays a huge role as well, here Emerald Lux is your best option.

The E Cigarette Must Feel Like a Real Cigarette

Getting the exact sensation and feeling when you are vaping electronic cigarettes is very important, else you might fall back to your old cigarette brand which is the last thing we want to do when we finally have made the decision about making the switch.

Emerald Lux are carefully developed in such way that the inhaling and exhaling procedure you are use to from regular cigarettes are as genuine as possible, not only will the vapor come out just as if it was real smoking, even the pressure you put when you inhale are as real as possible.

The E Cigarette Must Taste Like a Real Cigarette

Emerald Lux comes with different strengths that will ensure that you will get as close as possible to your preferred brand so compromising with the taste will not be something you need to do when choosing Emerald Lux.

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What People are Saying About Emerald Lux Electronic Cigarette

Emerald Lux has a high rate of costumers satisfaction simply because this electronic cigarette is able to provide the smoker with almost the exact same experience as if it was a real cigarette.

Emerald Lux user testimonialOne of the major findings after having made this conversion is the fact that I can actually smell again and the odor of residual smoke on my friends’ clothing really woke me up to what me wife, family, and non smokers were tolerating all these years. In fact, I have referred several of my friends to Emerald Lux to enjoy the freedom of ecigs. I will continue using this product as long as I would like to.

Bob F. Torrance, CA.

Emerald Lux user testimonial 1It is easy to use and tastes like a real tobacco cigarette. It is costing me less than my traditional cigarettes and I believe it will help me stop smoking when I am ready to. Ordering my Emerald Lux was easy and it arrived quickly. I was surprised to receive a follow up phone call from customer service  checking to see if I had received my order and if I had any problems or questions.

Herb M. Canton, GA

Real users Testimonial Letters

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Real Emerald Lux Testimonial Letter

Real Emerald Lux Testimonial Letter 2

The Electronic Cigarette Trial from Emerald Lux

Emerald Lux are for a limited period of time offering a trial of their top of the line electronic cigarette starter kit to people over 18 years of age in the United States.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to try out and feel all the benefits on your own body, before you make your final decision whether electronic cigarettes are something for you or not.

The electronic cigarette starter kit from Emerald Lux contain everything you need to get started and you will get refills equal to more than 15 packages of cigarettes, a pretty good deal on a starter kit that comes as a trial.

Emerald Lux Trial PackageHere is what you will get in your package.

  • 1 Micro Electronic and battery
  • 1  Cartomizer (which is the atomizer and catridge)
  • 1 Ion electronic chargeable battery
  • 1 High technology stainless steel cartomizer
  • 3 chargers, one wall charger, car charger and usb charger (perfect kit for those on the run)
  • Refills equal up to 15 packages of cigarettes

To get started with your own e cigarette free trial and complete starter kit all you need to do is to click on the link below.

>>> Click Here to Learn More and to Claim Your Trial <<<


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Emerald Lux Electronic Cigarette Safe to Use?

by drgram on August 8, 2013

Doctors recommend Lucky StrikeEmerald Lux Electronic Cigarette Safe to Use?

Electronic cigarettes like Emerald Lux does not contain the 4000 toxic additives where 40 of those are directly related to death, such as a real cigarette does. This makes electronic cigarettes to a far more safe option for smokers because the only dangerous ingredient left in the electronic cigarette is the Nicotine.

It is only recommended to get started using electronic cigarettes if you are a smoker already either to use them as a quit smoking device or to improve your overall health.

People who want to get started smoking should stay away from both real and electronic cigarettes.

The Levels of Nicotine Present in Electronic Cigarettes

The levels of Nicotine you will find in Emerald Lux are similar to those you may find in regular cigarettes and the cartridges comes in two different options.

High level cartridges containing 18 mg/ml of nicotine, and the medium level cartridges containing 16 mg/ml of nicotine.

The Creation of Smoke in Emerald Lux

Electronic cigarettes like Emerald Lux does not produce any smoking when exhaling the cigarette. What comes out is a special vapor made of either propylene glycol or glycerin which is harmless and used in a lot of the foods we are eating today. Both ingredients are approved by the FDA and does not cause any risks to your health.

The Technology Behind Emerald Lux

Emerald Lux is build with the latest technology when it comes to electronic cigarettes and which includes all parts from the battery, atomizer and cartridges.

High quality and the latest technology are important issues in order to keep your vaping experience safe and harmless.

Health Concerns Using Electronic Cigarettes Like Emerald Lux

Since electronic cigarettes are relatively new on the market, it is very limited what science can deliver when when it comes well documented studies and tests available to the public.

FDA did some testing back in May 2009 on e cigarette cartridges produced by companies like NJoy and Smoking Everywhere.

A cartridge from Smoking Everywhere did contain Diethylene glycol and tobacco-specific nitrosamines which both are cancer causing agents.

However the test got critized by the Electronic Cigarette Association for being to narrow and for not being able to bring any valid and reliable conclusion for numerous reasons.

First of all the test did not have any comparison with other Nicotine replacement products such as plasters, chewing gums etc, which all are known to carry tobacco-specific nitrosamines as well.

Second the amounts of harmful chemical found in those cartridges was one millions lower that the concentration that would cause damage to human health, which means a bottle of ketchup would likely be more harmful.

Electronic Cigarettes Banned Internationally, Why?

It may be difficult to determine exactly why electronic cigarettes are banned in a series of countries world wide. However despite being banned they are still available throughout the world.

A lot of countries instead of doing their own research and investigation they look up to the FDA and their guidelines, and we all know that currently FDA is quite skeptical regarding electronic cigarettes.

But the main reason for this is because of the lack of scientifically studies and tests available.

Another reason why electronic cigarettes are banned, may sound crazy to many, but many countries around the world have difficulties to decide whether if electronic cigarettes are a nicotine replacement product or a tobacco product and because of the lack of studies and tests, they have been banned until further notice.

Our Conclusion

We all know that real cigarettes are harmful and can cause a serious threat to your life. Not only do they contain 4000 toxic additives they also contain Carbon Monoxide which has been proven to cause lung cancer and coronary heart diseases.

With electronic cigarettes like Emerald Lux you can for the first time make your own choice whether if you want to keep smoking tobacco or switch to a healthier solution that will provide you with almost the same pleasure and sensation.

If it comes to using electronic cigarettes as a quit smoking device, yes they do contain Nicotine, which is bad for you, but so do all the FDA approved Nicotine replacement products out there as well.

Get Started With Electronic Cigarettes Using Emerald Lux

If you want to get started with electronic cigarettes you should consider using Emerald Lux, because this e cigarette only contain high quality component and comes with the latest technology that will ensure you the best vaping experience that is completely safe and will not cause any harm to you or your health.

Right now you can get yourself a free trial of Emerald Lux, so you can try out and feel all the benefits using electronic cigarettes, click on the link below to get started.

>>> Click Here to Learn More and to Claim Your Trial <<<

Emerald Lux E Cig

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